Department of Ecology, Environment & Remote Sensing
J&K STATE Geoportal


Funding & Implementing Agencies


Department of Ecology, Environemnt & Remote Sensing, J&K Govt.


Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India


J&K State Science, Technology & Innovation Council, J&K Govt


  • JK Geo Portal

    The State Spatial Data Infrastructure(J&K State Geoportal) has been established to create infrastructure for availability of and access to organized spatial data and use of the infrastructure at Community, Local, State, Regional and at National levels.

  • Better Governance, Better Business

    By connecting geospatial data and service producers and consumers, infrastructure and costs can be kept economical. The technology is scalable and can fit into any infrastructure, including existing geospatial technology installations.

  • Enable Easy Search and Discovery

    Organizations can improve knowledge sharing, reduce duplication of effort, direct people toward the best available data, and improve the overall quality of geospatial data and information.

  • Maintain Data Integrity and Security

    Technology that integrates and support existing IT, Web, and geospatial interoperability standards. Enhanced security features and policies controlling record-level metadata access ensure the right data is available to the users who need it.

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